A pause for Snakelady station identification

Greetings readers, this is a heads up on what’s coming in the next few months. It’s been great to have February to write about whatever came up, but I’m on to new series! At the end of this week I’ll do a formal promo of my Library School Diaries posts about my time at Wayne … Continue reading A pause for Snakelady station identification

Scout’s Mousy Pouch

https://youtu.be/G_IlRiz-5iw Scouty and Mama playing the mousy game There’s this thing called the Mousy Game. This here is the Mouse Pouch. I wear it in the house. When I get it out, Scouty begins following me around. My friend Melany from the UU church made it for me custom to hold my TENS unit. It’s … Continue reading Scout’s Mousy Pouch

Plum Boudoir

My grandparents on my mother’s side were Fran and Elaine Schryer. There’s a story my grandma would tell about one evening early in their marriage. She was: happy, cheerful, and home alone all day. He was: naturally quiet and serious, working in a management position at a loud, pounding factory all day. When he came … Continue reading Plum Boudoir

Flowers to Seafarer from Fly Over Country

Here was my first volley to Portland, Oregon florist Spellbound: I want an ostentatiously fabulous arrangement delivered to a super dear friend that will leave her colleagues going, "Nobody ever sent me flowers like that in all my life. She must be beloved." And obviously I want her to feel that way, too. Let’s discuss … Continue reading Flowers to Seafarer from Fly Over Country