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Sonya has proactively taken on the management and development of LM’s subscription to Niche Academy. Most notably, she put the Niche Academy environment through its paces and when she didn’t find the functionality she needed, she worked with Niche Academy to make it happen. She is invaluable in her abilities to keep projects on track, record notes and decisions in team meetings, and debrief on lessons learned. Her skill and savvy in managing contractors, timelines and schedules, deliverables, and contract details, has afforded us the opportunity to accomplish more than we planned this year.

Liz Breed, Asst. Director, Jackson District Library Liz Breed

Sonya was part of the team that identified, organized and implemented the initial
delivery of training and professional development for California
library staff. As Project Manager, I cannot say enough about Sonya’s ability to work efficiently, effectively, and as a flexible and productive
member of a team.

California Libraries Learn CALL logo

Sonya’s expertise in Niche Academy and the interaction with the Articulate platform to create the Front Line Customer Service program for our clients which has received rave reviews for interactivity, navigation and the overall learning experience. Further, working with Sonya has been a positive and pleasurable experience as she is timely in her responses to my questions and needs, a wizard in working with the two platforms and she is able to work with my guidelines of keeping things simple and easy whenever possible.

Andrew Sanderbeck, PCI Webinars

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