Dear Mr. Hubby

Sometimes Hubby goes to elementary school classes to talk about what its like to be blind. Recently, he attended a fourth grade class (organized by the school librarian). He got a stack of thank you letters and here are a smattering, on stationary that gives the kids a bunny, a bug and a big pencil to color in.

Dear Mr. __. Thank you for showing us your cell phone. It’s really cool. I learned that people that can’t see have a cane to feel where there going. Sincerely, A.      P.S. Where is your library?

(Note: hubby’s cell phone reads the menus out loud. Hubby got lots of kids saying his cell phone was cool. This made Hubby vvvveeeeerrrrry happy. He thinks his cell phone is cool, too.)

Dear Mr. __. Thank you for typing our names in braille! I learned how to read my name in braille. I really liked the Braille alphabet cards! Gratefully, A.

(and A. signed her name in print and cursive, and in Braille, too, using the Braille alphabet cards that Hubby gives all the kids. He also does all their names in Braille on individual cards. Big hit.)

Dear Mr. __. Thank you for everything. I’m scared of blind person. When i see you, I get not scared. I think wrong thing maybe spells wrong. Can you understand? From Y.     P.S. I learn many thing of you.

(Y signed their name in English, in Braille, and in Korean)

Dear. Mr. __. thank you for coming to our school. My favorite part is when you gave us our names in braille. I liked the cane. Sincerely, L

(L. also signed her name in Braille. The part that Hubby liked best about the Braille name signing is that they all remembered to capitalize their names, which takes an extra character. He thought that was super cool of them.)

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