The Best Thing to Come Out of This Series

Sonya in purple

Writing this series about Katherine Philips was some of the best fun I’ve had in a long time. Thanks for following along. It brought me great happiness to remember my passion for KP. The mystery of a longing, of loves, more breathtaking than modern-day erotica. That summer of freedom abroad (even if it meant lots of glasses of tepid water with bubbles).

For years, I had this blog hidden from search engines. The only people who knew about it were the friends and family who got our holiday cards, and a few fellow librarians. When I decided to go public for this series and begin promoting on Facebook, I took a lot of advice from Beth of Beth’s New Life. Many thanks to her.

Over the winter holidays, she told me that she was adding Katherine Philips to the 18th Century British Literature courses she teaches. Knowing that KP is going to touch more students’ lives is the most rewarding thing to come out of all of this.

Beth will have a guest post on Snakeladylibrarian in February. We met at the Library of Michigan where she worked in a support position for about a year. She livened up the entire floor with her endless good cheer (I never met a person with more genuine positivity), but as a published LesFic author breaking into the mainstream and teaching college courses, it was pretty laughable when I asked her to do a copying/envelope stuffing job. Hubby and I became friends with her and her wife outside of work, and I applied myself to experimenting with vegan cooking for our dinner parties.

The friendship has evolved into one I treasure, even though they now live in British Columbia (woo-hoo modern technology!).

Stay tuned for her thoughts on libraries coming next month.

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5 thoughts on “The Best Thing to Come Out of This Series

  1. Thank you for sharing all your memories with the wider world! It was a pleasure to follow along as it brought to mind some memories of my student year abroad that I otherwise may not have recallled. AND I learned about KP who I had never heard of before, so this series was also educational for me. Write on!

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  2. I read each of these blog posts as they came out and I loved them all. Today, I reread the entire series as one and it’s just such an amazing literary adventure. It has me looking at flights to the UK and trying to figure out how to do my own literary adventure tour. Maybe for my sixtieth birthday, we can do a women’s trip. ❤


  3. I’m in! 1. No elevators at the British Library, 2. Aber, Aber, Aber, 3. your recent coursework in plays has reminded me of the unparalleled excellence of the London drama scene.

    And I’m up for a whole new set of auxiliary adventures! Maybe this time I’ll make it to the Tower of London and see Anne Boleyn’s cell!


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