Scout update: “Them kittens big cats now”

Scout, the kitten we got last summer, is almost a grown cat now. He’s a good size for a nine month old – sturdy. Actually? He’s getting a bit porky. He reminds me of an endearing line from James Herriott’s All Things Bright and Beautiful about a litter of kittens who almost didn’t make it: “Them kittens big cats now.”

Scout is a terror to Candy. Who in her turn terrorized Bethesda. He’s taken over Candy’s favorite daytime snoozing location: the heated water bed. He chases her across the dining table, onto the floor, across to the living room seating (first to Scott on the couch, across the end table knocking remotes and beverages and laser dot toys hither and yon, then to me), and then one of them may jump onto the mantle. Finally, Candy tries to escape to the “safety” of under the bed, but he just scampers after her gleefully.

We attempt to head this off when it starts by getting out catnip mice for him to chase. Candy is much more entertaining. She growls! She runs! On rare occasions she turns and fights!

We have no concerns about his ability to care for himself in the wild should he ever get out. I believe without question that he would successfully hunt down groundhogs? Wolverines? And gorge himself on the organ meat.

The house is littered with cat toys to keep him amused. A favorite is paper grocery bags. As I write this, there are FOUR such bags across the house: one for every where he turns!

Scout lying on an ottoman

If we start finding the light bulbs in our ceiling fixtures unscrewed are we going to naturally assume that we have poltergeists? Oh no. Scoutie for sure.

In January we got out the super soaker to help protect Candy. It’s neon yellow and orange. Such a tasteful living room accessory!

I do not have children. I’m not used to my home being littered with toys to distract miscreants. I’ve never stepped on a LEGO in my life.

And I wouldn’t trade Scoutie for anything.

At some point every night he wakes me up by purring and licking me. I come to consciousness enough to pet him for awhile and then I roll over and hide under the covers to dissuade further interaction. He doesn’t like this and jumps on my head through the bedspread until I come out, pick him up, one last kiss, toss him off the bed. He tottles off, fully satisfied.

At work, I train on website software. Each year I create multiple fake library websites for students to practice on. This year, one of those sites will be the Jean Louise Finch Library (hint: that was Scout’s given name in To Kill a Mockingbird). The site logo is a pic of Scout as a kitten. This is how I use my power as a librarian: for cuteness.

One thought on “Scout update: “Them kittens big cats now”

  1. Great post! Entertaining and fun to read. It was good to see you yesterday. I hope you’ll be able to sort out the food issues between S and C. S is still young enough to believe this is a stage he’s going through, I think. Good luck!


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