17: Cataloging grades


The Cataloging Swan Song: Grades.

Exuberant man at a pride parade

For those of you numerically dedicated… my cataloging final netted me 2 tenths of a point above the class average.

I got an A- in the class over-all. A hard-earned A- and one that I am proud of. As proud as this gentleman.

Shortly after the class, a Real Cataloger at work asked me to “add the 775 field” to our online catalog and I immediately translated that to “add the edition information field to the display.” It added that application of professional knowledge zing to my morning.

I haven’t been called on very often to use my cataloging knowledge since then, but it was a right of passage. It was “real” librarianship. I’ve paid my dues to the library schools of yore happily (cause it seriously brought me joy) and humbly (cause it seriously kicked my butt).

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