About Me

Sonya and kitten Scout
Snakelady and her kitten Scout

What is the Snakelady’s profession?

  • I am a real, live librarian. My duties focus around assisting small and rural libraries with website development. A perfect day for me would be spent working with library staff to create a better web presence. My most valuable skills are project management, technology training and customer service. As I learned from my first employer, the infamous Zingerman’s Delicatessen, there is no 10% off sign when I’m having a bad day. It’s all about attitude.

Why do they call you the Snakelady Librarian?

  • I have a tattoo of an orobouros. That’s an image of a snake eating it’s own tail – a symbol of life consuming and renewing itself. And why yes, yes, that is the tattoo that Agent Scully got on the X-Files.

What is the Snakelady’s superpower?

  • I learned lightening fast data entry skills as a research assistant in college and I can still work a keypad with the best of them. Unfortunately, I also learned to type as a child on a manual typewriter so I am very loud at it.

What does the Snakelady do for fun?

  • Hubby and I recently finished a 24-part Wines of the World DVD class with our friends G&J. It took us six years. We had such a good time that we’re moving on to Wines of Italy! We’ve taken three vacations together that relied on winery tours for a large portion of our entertainment.

What are Snakelady’s political views?

  • I’m a mainstream Democrat. I didn’t even back Bernie Sanders. I was quite the radical as a younger person but I’m settling into a more comfortable and easy-going middle age.

What is the Snakelady’s religion?

  • Yup, I’m a Muslim. I pray, I fast, the whole nine yards. I don’t cover my head. I converted 31 years ago because in searching for a religion to call my own I found that I simply believed the tenets of Islam. What are those? Among other things I believe in science, that there is only one God and none of His prophets, including Jesus, share in His power, that we have a duty to give of our wealth in charity, and that Muhammad was a prophet of God. I was raised by atheist parents and I believe strongly in the separation between church and state.

What is Snakelady’s favorite book?

  • Oh, “favorite” is a tier. I have a favorite list of books and they include In This House of Brede by Rumer Godden, How Green Was My Valley by Richard Llewellyn, the collected poetry of Katherine Phillips, and Mama Day by Gloria Naylor. I like pop fiction too, especially John Sandford, Michael Connelly, and Stephen King’s older stuff.

Does the Snakelady have pets?

  • Our household consists of two human staff for Candy, a 12-year-old orange and white rescue who is friendly to everyone, and Scout! a newly adopted kitten.

What is the Snakelady’s given name?

  • I was named after Dostoevsky’s Sonya from Crime and Punishment. My name has come in very handy. When I introduce myself I just say my name is Sonya and when folks ask if that’s pronounced with a short “o” or a long “o” I tell them my mother says it one way and my grandmother the other so I am equally happy to respond to both. When I’m dealing with someone who is being arrogant or high-handed, particularly in an academic setting, I work Dostoevsky into the conversation while making eye contact as a not-so-subtle way of demonstrating that my parents read a book or two as well. I have a couple of degrees and as my father is a professor and my mother worked for U of M until she retired, I’ve spent a lot of time around snooty academics for whom name-dropping Dostoevsky works quite well to bring the conversation back to an equal footing.

Where is the Snakelady from?

  • I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan but raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where my father teaches at James Madison University. I returned to Ann Arbor as a teen and attended Community High School then went on to Michigan State University to study English and Women’s Studies. About 10 years later I got a degree in Library and Information Science from Wayne State University.

How can I reach the Snakelady?

  • Gmail of course! You can email me at: snakeladylibrarian@gmail.com.

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