Looking Forward to PLA 2022

My husband Scott Norris, Manager of the Braille and Talking Book Library, are presenting on eAccessibility for library staff at the Public Library Association annual conference this year. Scalable Web Accessibility Training for Library Staff in Every Position PLA Virtual March 23, 2022 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM PT Participants will be able to evaluateContinue reading “Looking Forward to PLA 2022”

Serving As an English Language Learning Buddy with the Refugee Development Center 

This week I began serving again as an English Language Learning Buddy. The Lansing area is welcoming several hundred Afghan newcomers. The Refugee Development Center employs an empathy exercise with new volunteers that contains this scenario: When I began volunteering five years ago, my list contained: Clean underwear Family photos Snacks Medicine A multi toolContinue reading “Serving As an English Language Learning Buddy with the Refugee Development Center “

My year of COVID recovery and my hope for you in 2022

IN THE YEAR AFTER I HAD COVID On New Years’ Day 2021 I was taken by ambulance to Sparrow hospital. My oxygen saturation had fallen stupid low. I was admitted to the COVID ward. I’d been in the ER 36 hours earlier for IV fluids. A chest X-ray showed COVID pneumonia. I’d missed the 10-dayContinue reading “My year of COVID recovery and my hope for you in 2022”

About that time my brother broke a kid’s jaw…

When we were kids growing up in Virginia, there was a city park across the street. My brother Albacore and I, and all our friends, played there. The city staffed the park in the summers and they’d bring out crafts and games and sports equipment. I made our mom some KICK ASS plastic bead bracelets,Continue reading “About that time my brother broke a kid’s jaw…”

I double dog dare *you* to eat healthy breakfasts with us

I’ve been on Noom since January, and I’ve lost 56 pounds. Yup, it’s pretty great. I’ve hit a plateau, though, and my Noom coach recommended changing up my breakfasts. I got buy-in from Snuggles, who is a breakfast evangelist, to go with a Family Plan on this one. This week, we are trying five new,Continue reading “I double dog dare *you* to eat healthy breakfasts with us”

The Snakelady sells feathers to small children

I have been enjoying getting to know my nieces and nephews this last year. They are, when taken objectively and as a whole, the most brilliant and appealing littles ever born on the face of the planet earth. Yesterday, my nephew Maximum M visited with his ‘rents and his grand-‘rent. He’s six. He performed aContinue reading “The Snakelady sells feathers to small children”