Across the Pond 24: “In defense of declared friendship”

I turned in my bibliography when I got back to the States without a preface. I couldn’t come to a satisfactory conclusion about Philips. Over 25 years later, I still don’t know what she was really writing about. Perhaps it was life-sustaining friendships, perhaps it was code for a series of Lesbian lovers. But nowContinue reading “Across the Pond 24: “In defense of declared friendship””

Across the Pond 23: Sappho and a helluva guy on the Tube

I took a boat back to London for my return flight after three weeks on the continent. I had accrued an outrageous amount of luggage: The largest suitcase of anyone in my class (we flew in together, so yes, I’m sure) A 30 pound laptop in a shoulder bag A backpack full of research materialsContinue reading “Across the Pond 23: Sappho and a helluva guy on the Tube”

Across the Pond 22: Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez, and book guilt at Versailles with Michelle

Photo by Anthony Choren on Unsplash The last portion of my cross-continental adventure was spent with Michelle and her family, who were hospitable to a fault. When we were 16, Michelle had spent a summer with me, my mom, and my brother as an exchange student. We spent the first part of the week atContinue reading “Across the Pond 22: Nice, Cannes, St. Tropez, and book guilt at Versailles with Michelle”

Across the Pond 21: A 1710 edition

Greta had followed along on my Katherine Philips research during our last semester together in the U.S. She respected my mission to uncover this nearly-forgotten poet. On our last day together in Germany, she took me to an antiquarian bookseller in Frankfurt. She went up to the proprietor who disappeared behind a curtain and cameContinue reading “Across the Pond 21: A 1710 edition”

Across the Pond 20: D-Day, French fries with mustard, and disturbing Swiss art

Greta picked me up at the dock in France with my favorite foods in the world: tuna fish sandwiches, German chocolate, and a bottle of champagne. She picked our first stop: the beach at Normandy. “They landed here?!?!?!?!” I said. She confirmed this and asked, “What would you like to see first in Europe?”

Across the Pond 19: Day trips to nudist beaches, Canterbury, and coming to my senses about York

I did more traveling in England when classes ended. We had three days of dorm housing before the semester officially concluded and I was determined to see more of the country.

Across the Pond 18: World class drag shows, the Indigo Girls, and navigating maid service

Ah, now, no need to worry. After two days I was up and about, eating the horrible dormitory food again and, to treat myself on occasion, dining out at Chinese and Indian restaurants in the University’s neighborhood.