About that time my brother broke a kid’s jaw…

When we were kids growing up in Virginia, there was a city park across the street. My brother Albacore and I, and all our friends, played there. The city staffed the park in the summers and they’d bring out crafts and games and sports equipment. I made our mom some KICK ASS plastic bead bracelets,Continue reading “About that time my brother broke a kid’s jaw…”

The Snakelady sells feathers to small children

I have been enjoying getting to know my nieces and nephews this last year. They are, when taken objectively and as a whole, the most brilliant and appealing littles ever born on the face of the planet earth. Yesterday, my nephew Maximum M visited with his ‘rents and his grand-‘rent. He’s six. He performed aContinue reading “The Snakelady sells feathers to small children”

18: I am the Snake Lady Librarian

I graduated in Detroit on a sunny, May day with hubby and my mother in attendance. I bought a new coral dress for the occasion, we got hubby a matching tie, and I got a wrist corsage. Aunt Charlotte did indeed haul three cakes from Lake Erie for the family party. She also did theContinue reading “18: I am the Snake Lady Librarian”

Yes, You May Step In and Save Me Now

The adventure of Hurricane Matthew continues… I’m a Gen-Xer. A former latchkey kid. Raised to be independent and to get what I’m willing to settle for. A grown woman who is used to fending for herself. A feminist who doesn’t need help from a man. A professional who takes care of business.  And I don’tContinue reading “Yes, You May Step In and Save Me Now”