Flowers to Seafarer from Fly Over Country

Here was my first volley to Portland, Oregon florist Spellbound: I want an ostentatiously fabulous arrangement delivered to a super dear friend that will leave her colleagues going, "Nobody ever sent me flowers like that in all my life. She must be beloved." And obviously I want her to feel that way, too. Let’s discuss … Continue reading Flowers to Seafarer from Fly Over Country

Ostentatiously batsh*t crazy buttercream flowers

Betsie took over my last job in the Braille and Talking Book Library. It included coordinating the volunteer narration program and over the course of her first years, we became good friends. I still volunteer for her. In January, she moved into a new house. I'm no good at painting, plumbing and wiring are a … Continue reading Ostentatiously batsh*t crazy buttercream flowers

Cooking Marathons with Dragons

I really value this outlet and I appreciate everyone who has been following my spiritual journey, but right now I'm taking a break and I'd like to talk about some of my other adventures. Kittens! For one thing. And I have others. One of these are the cooking marathons that Dragon and I engage in. … Continue reading Cooking Marathons with Dragons