The Finer Points of Delivering a Presentation

I give my share of presentations. And I have my share of presentation anxiety. This spring, I gave six of ’em. The audiences ranged in size from ten attendees, to 500. I was preparing for one of my last presentations of the season. My topic skirted the tech field and I was worried that we’dContinue reading “The Finer Points of Delivering a Presentation”

Make More of Ruby

This is my alter-ego, Ruby. She’s a character I’m developing with my partner in crime, Carmen, to teach library skills. Ruby is roly-poly. Magnificently endowed. Generously proportioned. She shops in the Woman’s Department. She’s well cushioned. Fat. Ruby is one of five folks making up the community of a fictitious Michigan library called the RosaContinue reading “Make More of Ruby”

18: I am the Snake Lady Librarian

I graduated in Detroit on a sunny, May day with hubby and my mother in attendance. I bought a new coral dress for the occasion, we got hubby a matching tie, and I got a wrist corsage. Aunt Charlotte did indeed haul three cakes from Lake Erie for the family party. She also did theContinue reading “18: I am the Snake Lady Librarian”

17: Cataloging grades

The Cataloging Swan Song: Grades. For those of you numerically dedicated… my cataloging final netted me 2 tenths of a point above the class average. I got an A- in the class over-all. A hard-earned A- and one that I am proud of. As proud as this gentleman. Shortly after the class, a Real CatalogerContinue reading “17: Cataloging grades”

15: Cataloging final exam panic

On the night of my (early) cataloging final exam – my Very, Very Last Thing To Do In Library School – I nearly had a panic attack. I studied for two hours the night before the exam, and two hours the night before that, and two hours the afternoon before that. And yet I wasContinue reading “15: Cataloging final exam panic”