18: I am the Snake Lady Librarian

I graduated in Detroit on a sunny, May day with hubby and my mother in attendance. I bought a new coral dress for the occasion, we got hubby a matching tie, and I got a wrist corsage. Aunt Charlotte did indeed haul three cakes from Lake Erie for the family party. She also did theContinue reading “18: I am the Snake Lady Librarian”

17: Cataloging grades

The Cataloging Swan Song: Grades. For those of you numerically dedicated… my cataloging final netted me 2 tenths of a point above the class average. I got an A- in the class over-all. A hard-earned A- and one that I am proud of. As proud as this gentleman. Shortly after the class, a Real CatalogerContinue reading “17: Cataloging grades”

15: Cataloging final exam panic

On the night of my (early) cataloging final exam – my Very, Very Last Thing To Do In Library School – I nearly had a panic attack. I studied for two hours the night before the exam, and two hours the night before that, and two hours the afternoon before that. And yet I wasContinue reading “15: Cataloging final exam panic”

14: Cataloging fact #5: It provides nursing home insurance

During my last semester of library school, I helped friends move from Lansing to Portland, Oregon. This required taking my Cataloging final six days early. It earned me nursing home insurance. Let me explain. In order for my friend to arrive in Portland in time to start her new job, we had to leave onContinue reading “14: Cataloging fact #5: It provides nursing home insurance”

13: Planning parties on the struggle bus

After my first two semesters, I accurately assessed my work/school/life commitments and realized I could either work full time and a) take two classes in town or b) commute to one class out of town. I later discovered that if I took an entire day off of work due to banked leave (a budget savingsContinue reading “13: Planning parties on the struggle bus”

12: Ye shall inventory your highlighters

During the last class period before a final exam, my sorry-ass highlighter died. This was not a surprise. It had actually been dead for a long time. That night, though, that night I was going to do something about it. I had developed an action plan for just such an eventuality during my first semesterContinue reading “12: Ye shall inventory your highlighters”