Scout’s Mousy Pouch Scouty and Mama playing the mousy game There’s this thing called the Mousy Game. This here is the Mouse Pouch. I wear it in the house. When I get it out, Scouty begins following me around. My friend Melany from the UU church made it for me custom to hold my TENS unit. It’s … Continue reading Scout’s Mousy Pouch

Scout update: “Them kittens big cats now”

Scout, the kitten we got last summer, is almost a grown cat now. He's a good size for a nine month old - sturdy. Actually? He's getting a bit porky. He reminds me of an endearing line from James Herriott's All Things Bright and Beautiful about a litter of kittens who almost didn't make it: … Continue reading Scout update: “Them kittens big cats now”

Scout and I watch Pioneer Woman

This morning Scout and I are watching Pioneer Woman. She has a cooking show now but before that she was one of the original, early, famous women bloggers. When asked about her family's privacy, she said, "It's not what you say, it's what you don't say." I agree. I don't advertise my real name, although … Continue reading Scout and I watch Pioneer Woman