Everyday Crowns

woman smoking a cigar in a burgundy crown

I began making crowns for my own everyday use in the winter of 2022.

Friends, family, and colleagues began asking when I would start selling them. When I couldn’t quite get there in time for one friend, she simply put in her order.

“OK, then I want one that is purple and green,” she instructed. “With silver strands.”

While I was shopping, I picked up the materials for another friend’s Ukrainian crown, in honor of her great-grandfather, who immigrated to the US from the Ukraine in the late 1800’s.

Why NOT wear a fantastic crown? Sonya’s confection has given me a new way to express myself in the world: joyful, creative, even triumphant.

Sister Cician

Word is out! My base of lovelies continues to expand…

Packaged to delight, my crowns are one of a kind, each as unique as the wearer.

These crowns are $30 plus shipping.

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