Everyday Crowns

I began making crowns for friends and for myself in the winter of 2022.

People began saying, “Oooh! I like your crown!” or asking… “Where did you get that?”

One day, four people told me they liked the crown I was wearing. I knew I had to get into the business!

Packaged to delight, my crowns are one of a kind, each as unique as the wearer.

Crowns are $40 plus shipping.

Finished Crowns Available Now

Crowns in the Making

You may also choose your crown topper and I’ll finish it with a coordinating base.

Coronation Day collection

Diva collection

Her Ladyship collection

Quite Contrary and Up North collections

Wicked collection

Why NOT wear a fantastic crown? Sonya’s confection has given me a new way to express myself in the world: joyful, creative, even triumphant.

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