Everyday Crowns

Crowned for a day, Queen for a lifetime.

“Ordinary” is not a calling. You are free to look fabulous, whimsical, or royal every day. And nobody can stop you.

All crowns $40

Renaissance Premium Crowns

Coronation Day in Pink

Coronation Day in Burgundy and Gold

Coronation Day in a Gold Train

Coronation Day in Gold and Black

Coronation Day in Purple and Gold

Coronation Day in White

Coronation Day in Leather and Bridal White

Coronation Day in Animal Print

Crowns for All Occasions

Her Ladyship in a Gold Crown

Christmas Crowns

Red and Green Christmas

Pine Green Christmas

Scotch Plaid Christmas

Her Ladyship So Colorful

Her Ladyship in Plum and Teal Batik

Her Ladyship in Circles of a Rainbow

Her Ladyship in Hot Pink and a String of Purple Beading

Her Ladyship in Blue Batik

Her Ladyship in Green Batik

Her Ladyship in Blue and Gold

Her Ladyship in Pink and Pearls

Up North

Up North in Vibrant Fall Colors

Up North in Rust and Orange Flannel

Up North in Black and White Plaid

Up North in Camo

Paint Her Ladyship in Black

Her Ladyship in Black and Silver

Her Ladyship in Black and Gold

Her Ladyship in Sparkly Black and White

Her Ladyship in Animal Print

Little Princesses

Flower Girls, First Communion and Everyday

Princess in White Pearls

Why NOT wear a fantastic crown? Sonya’s confection has given me a new way to express myself in the world: joyful, creative, even triumphant.

Order Form. All crowns $40.

I accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. I also accept payment via CashApp, Venmo, and PayPal. Place your order below and we will connect to complete payment.

Free pick up in Lansing, Michigan or $12.50 flat rate shipping.

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