On Managing Up

I provide workshops and presentations on Managing Up when:

  • You like your boss, and your boss likes you. 
  • You are concerned because your manager is acting out of character. 
  • Your manager is GUILTY of selling out their staff, the profession, or Santa Claus. 

This is a

Well Received Program

This popular presentation had over 2,100 registered learners for Niche Academy webinars.

Andrew Sanderbeck of PCI Webinars ranks it as one of the Top 10 management presentations his catalog.

I will be presenting this topic live at the Michigan Library Association Annual Meeting in October, 2022 as part of a two-hour workshop with Liz Breed and Elissa Zimmer.

Hard, hard things happen at work. Things that impact employees’ mental health, their ability to pay rent, and their ability to operate more broadly in their profession.

The employee/supervisor relationship is impacted by key capacities that the employee has sole control over. In this workshop, we work on concrete skills and methods that employees at every level can benefit from. We also work through how to cultivate personal resiliency in the workplace. These allow an employee to Manage Up by focusing on: 


Being easy to say “No” to. 


When it’s all about you: tell the truth. 


Accepting clarity as kindness. 


What does your boss want? Give it to them. 

Take a look at these two clips from Managing Up::

I welcome the opportunity to work with you to customize this presentation or workshop for your organization’s needs, and to address your specific areas of concern.


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What People Are Saying

Sonya is a great instructor!  She’s very good at keeping pace with attendees, making sure that we understand, and creating a friendly and safe group environment.

Sonya was wonderful. She delivered much more than I thought I would learn and it is was very accessible for us.

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