I am excited to support libraries on leveraging, operating, maintaining, promoting, and maximizing the impact of Niche Academy for library staff. I am happy to work with you to determine how I can be the most impactful.

Full Service Menu for
Niche Academy Consulting

Rate and Payment Schedule for Niche Academy Consulting

$2,000 monthly project pricing. This includes up to 10 hours of expert work per week. This project price does not accommodate work exceeding 10 hours per week.


My standard hourly consulting rate is $110.

If you’re looking for short-term project support (up to 6 months), I also have package pricing.

If you’re looking for longer-term support, please contact me and we’ll talk about how to get you what you need.


I am an accomplished and inspiring public speaker.

My presentation on Managing Up had over 2,100 registrants at Niche Academy Webinars and Andrew Sanderbeck of PCI Webinars ranks it one of the Top 10 management presentations in his catalog.

My appearances include Public Library Association, CORE, Niche Academy, Computers in Libraries, PCI Webinars, and Florida Library Webinars.

Contact me for rates.


I am always available for side collaborations. If you want to explore a presentation, article, or other endeavor together (or just talk shop!) don’t hesitate to reach out.

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