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In Context Newsletter May 2022

What do subject matter experts need to know in order to transition their content from material delivered in person to an online learning course?

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Sonya Schryer Norris

I provide scalable support to libraries working in Niche Academy. Customers include the Library of Virginia, the Library of Michigan, and California Libraries Learn.

Jared Oates, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Niche Academy

Sonya Norris has been a cherished ally for years now. Her instructional design work has been exceptional and the impact for learners across two states has been measurable and dramatic. She has been a thoughtful and consistent contributor to the evolution of Niche Academy as well. She has pushed the boundaries of the platform and we’re better for it. She has been a welcome collaborator and a reliable touchstone for the quality of our own work. I can recommend Sonya’s work and Sonya herself without reservation or qualification.

Available Supports Include


Course Creation

Collection Development & Weeding

Academy Management

Academy Categorization & Display

Half-Day Workshops in Instructional Design


I tailor content marketing best practices to a library environment. I grew the Library of Michigan’s Niche Academy to over 1,000 staff learners in under 5 months. I’ll show you how to leverage your existing networks and Niche Academy’s built-in usage data to best serve your audience.

Marketing-Specific Presentations

Academy Management

I have managed Niche Academies for multiple states. I also co-hosted a Niche Academy Users Group for State Libraries with Darci Hanning of the Oregon State Library. I advocate with Niche Academy for the needs of customers and library learners.


I hold half-day workshops in instructional design, articulate Rise, and Niche Academy for library staff and content producers.

Course Creation


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