Scout’s Mousy Pouch Scouty and Mama playing the mousy game There’s this thing called the Mousy Game. This here is the Mouse Pouch. I wear it in the house. When I get it out, Scouty begins following me around. My friend Melany from the UU church made it for me custom to hold my TENS unit. It’s … Continue reading Scout’s Mousy Pouch

Scout update: “Them kittens big cats now”

Scout, the kitten we got last summer, is almost a grown cat now. He's a good size for a nine month old - sturdy. Actually? He's getting a bit porky. He reminds me of an endearing line from James Herriott's All Things Bright and Beautiful about a litter of kittens who almost didn't make it: … Continue reading Scout update: “Them kittens big cats now”