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As a Project Coordinator, Sonya was instrumental in the start-up
of the state-wide continuing education program California
Libraries Learn (CALL). Using her expertise and knowledge of
Niche Academy, she helped us curate and create the relevant
self-paced content for our audience, and established protocols
and systems for ongoing maintenance and organization. 

In addition to her work with Niche Academy, Sonya was part of
the team that identified, organized and implemented the initial
delivery of training and professional development for California
library staff. This included processing relevant presentations from
recording to the appropriate self-paced format for our Niche
Academy. Her expertise in accessibility standards were invaluable
as she built our WordPress portal and worked with digital assets.
She is a leader in promoting accessibility for all.

As Project Manager, I cannot say enough about Sonya’s ability to
work efficiently, effectively, and as a flexible and productive
member of a team. These are skills that cannot easily be taught,
but Sonya has honed them in a way that makes it a joy to work
with her. I would highly recommend working with Sonya as a
consultant on any project.

Beverly Schwartzberg Library Programs Consultant at California State Library

Lisa Barnhart, Project Manager, California Libraries Learn

Published by Sonya Schryer Norris

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