Liz Breed, Assistant Director, Jackson District Library

Sonya is an expert project manager. She served as the co-leader of the Library of Michigan’s (LM) Instructional Design team and as a project manager on the Michigan eLibrary (MeL) team. Sonya has proactively taken on the management and development of LM’s subscription to Niche Academy and her efforts have really made our instance of Niche robust. What started as a tool to help support Michigan eLibrary users, she has evolved into a full training repository. She has curated content from Niche Academy’s Marketplace, and she has also developed her own content to help fill in gaps – three courses on accessibility. Her development of these courses was thorough. Most notably, she put the Niche Academy environment through its paces and when she didn’t find the functionality she needed, she worked with Niche Academy to make it happen.

Additionally, as the “right hand person” of the MeL Coordinator, she is invaluable in her abilities to keep projects on track, record notes and decisions in team meetings, and debrief on lessons learned. Her skill and savvy in managing contractors, timelines and schedules, deliverables, and contract details, has afforded us the opportunity to accomplish more than we planned this year. She holds contractors accountable to ensure the job gets done.

In addition to her expert skill in project management, Sonya is well-versed in website management, video production, user experience work, evaluation, and reporting. This experience gives her the abilities to not only engage in these types of work but to also successfully manage contractors who supply these services.

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